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Seattle Sewer Inspection - Video Assessment


Builders and Contractors, this service can be an important step to insure the quality of the old pipe that you are tying into. Also, some contractors choose to check the brand new sewer system that they have installed. This is done to double check any and all connections, to check that no foreign objects have been driven into the pipe, and to check that heavy machinery driven over the pipes has not shifted the ground and damaged the integrity of the pipe. It is best to inspect the new pipe system before pouring a concrete driveway or walkway over the top. The price of our service is less than many rental companies charge to rent out the inspection equipment for the day.

Hydro jetting

Seattle Sewer Inspection
Hydro jetting uses high pressure water to remove contaminants in your sewer pipe system. Seattle Sewer Inspection uses this high pressure technology to clean and unclog the side sewer pipe at your residence, commercial, or industrial building. The high pressure water is effective at clearing any sewer blockage and cleaning the inside of the sewer pipes at the same time.

Clearing your drains and sewer systems have never been quicker, easier or more cost-effective. This procedure is also used to de-scale cast iron, remove grease and eliminate roots in the drain pipe.

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Blocked Sewer PipesBefore digging up an old pipe to either fix a break or replace the pipe, call us to locate where the pipe is, where the break is, and how deep it runs. This service can help avoid wasting time on a dig and avoid unnecessarily tearing up landscaping, rockeries, or walkways and driveways. Also, if you need to locate a sewer pipe in order to avoid hitting it on a dig, we can let you know how deep it is and the path it runs.

Video Camera Inspection

With the use of a video camera we can travel through your sewer pipe to precisely determine the conition of the inside of your pipe. The equipment that makes this possible is a flexible rod connected to a high resolution camera which transmits images from below to a monitor above.

Pinpointing the Problem

In addition to camera inspection, Seattle Sewer Inspection can locate and mark precisely where pipe damage is in a line so that a company can quickly and easily repair the pipe without major intrusions. We can help save time, money and your lawn by directing the repair technician to the exact point of the problem.