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Seattle Sewer Inspection - Video Assessment

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Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors our service is specifically tailored to compliment the home inspection process. The condition of a side sewer line is a material fact that is important in influencing the decision to purchase a home. A broken pipe is a latent defect that may not be known by the present owner but can have damaging consequences to the future owner. No agent wants their client to move into a home that has unknown and potentially costly problems. We provide the service of inspection at the least expensive price in the area and we sell it as an important step for anyone who wants to buy a home.

Clay and Concrete piping was used extensively up into the 1980's. From then on most piping was converted over to PVC and now the superior polyethylene pipes. Any of the older rigid clay and concrete pipes have a greater risk of breaks, cracks, offsets and root intrusion at the joints. Our service can be helpful for any new home owner but is especially important for those who are looking to buy a house built prior to the 1980's.

What Are the Benefits?

Seattle Sewer Inspection
  • Insure your home by identifying the health of your sewer pipes
  • Find out first you may save money on expensive sewer repair jobs
  • Pinpoint the exact location of sewer problems minimize yard intrusion

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Homeowner Insurance policies, in general, contain a basic exclusion for problems such as back ups and breaks in side sewer lines. Many homeowners do not realize that they are responsible for problems that occur in the sewer system running from their home to the street. A blockage in the side sewer line can back up into the house and cause a mess to clean up and potential property damage. In many cases such backups are caused by root intrusion in the side sewer line, which can be spotted in an inspection, and prevented with a proactive maintenance program. In the case of a broken pipe a fix is needed which is a costly prospect especially for a new homeowner. We would like nothing more than to evaluate every pipe as (clean and clear) but if there is a problem the potential homeowner needs to be aware of their choices in order to make an informed decision.

Video Camera Inspection

With the use of a video camera we can travel through your sewer pipe to precisely determine the conition of the inside of your pipe. The equipment that makes this possible is a flexible rod connected to a high resolution camera which transmits images from below to a monitor above.

Pinpointing the Problem

In addition to camera inspection, Seattle Sewer Inspection can locate and mark precisely where pipe damage is in a line so that a company can quickly and easily repair the pipe without major intrusions. We can help save time, money and your lawn by directing the repair technician to the exact point of the problem.